The Time Is Sublime And The Rhyme Is On Time

Washing The Brains of The Insane and Captivating The Mundane. Mesmerizing Abilities Through Speech and Tranquility. Reaching The Classes and Masses to Broadcast The Ventriloquy of Nobility. Words and Actions Come Through Thoughtful Transition Transmutating The Mind Manipulation. ALL is Good in The Godhood Presenting The Purpose. Through Focus and Direction Achieving Perfection. The Mind has Conceived So All Can Believe. Creating a Genre Through Projection Election. Evil and Good Reconciling Misconception. Setting The Course of Discourse Without Any Remorse. Stating The Facts As Their Known in The Zone. Willing and Able Debunking The Fables. ALL Will Unite The States That Relate. Mindfulness Awareness Shunning The Careless.

Eternal Words and Thoughts Psychically Linked

Whether Words Spoken or Written Eternally Glisten for Positive Purposes. To Pass on The Knowledge and Wisdom Through Rhythm and Rhyme Throughout Time. Inspirational Realization Is a Deal So Surreal. Directing The Discourse Dynamically and Sporadically. Reasons and Seasons are Needed and Seeded.  Circuitous in Circumference and Centered in Sanity Lacking Depravity. Filled with The Spirit and Far From Delirious. Practicing Perfection Selections and Writing the Citing’s. As Humanity Wanders in Wonderful Delusion The Wise Will Uphold The Lessons of Old. Handed Down by The Sages Through Many Pages. Filled With ALL Wit to Fulfill What’s Legit.

All PsychoTelepathics Unite!

The Time is Telepathic! The Time is Always Here and Now in Eternity! Nothing New Under The Sun. Just another translation of IT. Turn on Your Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland and Connect The Optic Thalamus! You’ve heard of the Third Eye haven’t You? The Mind’s Eye? The Triangle/Eye symbol on the back of the U.S. One Dollar bill above the pyramid? Well you have ONE of those too and it is all messed up and dirty. Don’t blame anyone but yourself, claim your Godhood, God doesn’t complain, so neither should You O’Child of God. Imagine you being underwater with your eyes open without goggles or a mask, if any of you have dove underwater you know that the vision is blurred because your eyes don’t have the correct lenses like fish. However, put the mask or goggles on and you see clearly. Same thing with that Third Eye that’s blind. Sounds like a band I have heard of. Seek the answers and you shall find, don’t give up and the answers will come. It’s part of the design if You are open Minded and ready. Let those who hear and understand apply the Universal Principles of the Sages of Ages and Ancient of Days.

No One Really Cares Unless It’s Positive

If you don’t have anything positive to say or do then change your perspective. There is an opposite to everything. Change your thoughts and Transmute the negative into Positive. This takes practice but IT is attainable to the Disciplined Ones who Live On Through Eternity in the Time Space Continuum in the Advanced Human Form! But guess what Genius, that means you have to Bee disciplined and treat your bodily instrument like IT’s God, because God would Love for You to be able to Become ONE with YOU! Salvation is attained only by YOU! You’ve heard IT said before, Seek The Kingdom, The Kingdom is at Hand, The Kingdom is inside of You! Crack Your Own Code and Program Yourself Positive! Look No Further Soul Brothers and Sisters! Come on and claim Your Crown! The Only Competition Is Yourself! Can You WIN? Of course you can you have already overcome and You Know IT! You are a WINNER! You WON! Wake UP! Go get healthy! You know what you shouldn’t be doing, so change and transmute all unhealthy habits into healthy ones! See you in Eternity, Oh that’s right, we’re already here!

The Psychology Of Human Beings

What is a human being really? We are mysteries for sure. We can only tell what a human is from the outside physically by actions and appearances in the material world. But what about the inside? The actual psyche of the human being. The invisible that animates the visible. That is something that will astonish us for eternity, and the part that really makes us human that never dies.

In the material world we all look different, talk different, feel different, see different, hear different, smell different, think different, act different and the list of differences go on and on. With all those differences we are really all alike in many ways, those differences are just varying perceptions with each a common trait. Human beings are an expression, an expression of creation, an expression of a Creator.