The Psychology of Mind Control

Mind control is a topic that requires much depth because of the varying techniques used by various technologies and systems. The basic premise behind mind control is to get a target subject or subjects to accomplish a certain goal and or state of mind either temporarily or permanently by an individual, group or entity through systems and technology.

For example, the most common form of mind control is something that we deal with everyday, that mind control system is money. The mind control money system connects almost every other type of mind control system known to man.

The Psychology of Religion

Religion is a multifaceted complex belief system that is founded in the supernatural belief in gods or God. Depending on which god or God, religion in and of itself is harmless, and if integrated with a good moral code of conduct one can lead to fulfilling a wonderful life and blessing those around that individual. It is when mankind gets involved and tries or succeeds to manipulate the minds that are either too weak, naive or ignorant for a wicked agenda is when the religion goes bad.

The Psychology of Philosophy

Philosophy is a beautiful subject. Just the word alone and its Greek meaning say’s it all (philos = beloved and sophia = wisdom), “the love of wisdom”. Philosophy touches on all the major topics from the elemental to the divine. We owe a lot to philosophy and all the wise in heart intellects that championed the cause through systematic rationale and reasoning wit.

The Psychology of Government

Government is a necessary entity required to provide order and regulation for the masses. Just like a referee in a sports game, the governments role should be the same. However, the problem with government is mankind in government. Mankind seeks control and power because of their primal instincts and individual aphrodisiacs. When you combine the two you have an elemental psychosis to the nth degree. HELP YOURSELF WE ARE ONE! WAKE UP! RISE AND ASCEND! HELP US HELP YOU! IT’s One and We.

The Psychology of God

Just the comprehension of God takes one’s breath away. The only thing that makes logical sense when trying to comprehend the ineffable, is that God always was, is and will be the Omnipotent and Omnipresent All Supreme Being. When taken in the proper context the Holy Bible does the best at describing who God is and what God’s attributes are. Obviously man does his best at articulating and interpreting the message, but still lacks the depth. Our mere human intellect cannot grasp the awesomeness nor try to understand the Mind of God from God’s eternal perspective. So instead of trying to be God, appreciate God’s creation while learning from it and respecting it. This has always been taught throughout all the ages by all the sages that have ever walked planet earth.

The Psychology of Theology

Theology is a marvelous study where through reasoning there is an establishment for a basis of a God/Creator. This is no doubt the most profound subject ever to hit our consciousness or subconsciousness that will baffle us for as long as we experience a finite existence, or an infinite one for that matter. The problem is that as long as man is the interpreter there will always be a foggy notion no matter how one articulates the subject. Awe is probably the best position to take. How can finite man describe an infinite God?

The Psychology of War

War is a primitive state of mind solely based on an ignorant side or sides. Since that is the case, war has been declared by many groups, nations and individuals over times past and present. Many of the reasons, most of the time, not even being logical or rational. With that being said, our only means of abolishing war is through education, communication and understanding, not in any particular order. Not to say that would ever happen in this dimension, but anything is possible. God please give us the wisdom!

The Psychology of Sound

Sound can be beautiful depending on the tones and rhythms the sound waves carry. It is also a matter of taste to the individual listener. There are several studies that have taken place with sounds and the effect they have on the mind. Some tones claim to bring you in the altered states of alpha, theta and delta waves.

Music definitely has an effect on culture, we can obviously see that in today’s generation. God only knows what it does to the subconscious mind subliminally.

The military actually uses different types of sounds during PSYOPS.

On a positive note, sound can be relaxing, meditative and overall enjoyable.