Magical Rhythm Precision Ignition Expedition

The Earth is Our Home and Our Dome. Take IT back, IT belongs to US, that means You too! We Have Been The Problem and We Have The Solutions! Lead or Get Lost! Death or Life Choose ONE!

Let’s Clean Up The Mess We Must Confess. We’re doing Our part to keep it together no matter what kind of weather. We will weather ALL storms while Calming the Divide and Picking Up The Stride.

The Future Is Now and Created Right Here on This Sphere Oh My Dear. The Light is Eternally Lit no matter who throws a fit. It ALL started with You in the Zoo.

Evolving and Elevating The Few to Release them from Their Mindless Curfew. Agricultural Anti-Chemists Disturbing Our Presence.

Psychopathic Turmoil Uprising the Menace. Research shows the Episodes and Reloads. Captivated Chemically producing Digital Drones like Clones That Talk On Their Phones.

Pain is Corrective so choose an Elective. The New World Order is Here with No Fear. Peace and Prosperity and Level Headed Humanity to Stop All The Sanity.

The Solutions are Simple to Solve to Revolve and Evolve!

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