Psychotically Wise Rhymes

The Rhyme in Rhythm Is Always On Time And Never Late For a Date.

IT’s Here and There and Everywhere. Can You Comprehend and Ascend?

Do You Get The Riddle in the Rhyme? The Signs and The Times Unwind.

The Old is the New and The New is the Old So Be Bold. Be Courageous It’s Advantageous.

Create and Dictate to Relate The Dates. The Sages and The Pages Manifest The Manifestos.

Words Don’t Come Back Void Through The Void. They are Written and Spoken of You.

Recognize and Realize The Rhyme That’s Sublime. It’s the Art of The Part and Whole of The Who.

Matter is as Matter Does. The Invisible is Invincible.

The Pow in the Now Propels Proverbially and Prophetically Perpetually for Perpetuity.

IT’s for The Chosen and Few Is IT for YOU?

Common Sense Reigns For The Sane. Stop all the Madness and Usher in the Gladness.

No Good or Bad Just Positive and Negative. Words Don’t Do Justice, Just Limits Translation.

No Limits In Divine Rule of Law. Believe The Words and Believe in You says Who.

Miracles are Eternal and the moment Enigmatic. Perpetual Motion and Momentum Magnifies Magnetricity in the Cities.

Order and Rule is Cool Except for The Fool. Learn the Lessons in Question and Answers That Cure Cancers.

Built to Eternally Last in High Class to Educate The Mass Forever With Grace and Mercy to EverLast.

No Fear Exists and Persists in the Sum of ALL ONE. Magical Thoughts Telepathically Connect With Words and Vibrations in any Situation.

Passing on Knowledge and Promoting The Wisdom with Precision. The Words are Sent Out to The People with Purpose.

The Cosmic Circus is Calling so Stop ALL the Balling and Quit Stalling. It’s Real and Right and Left and Light. It’s Mysterious and Delirious and Down Right Serious.

IT Knows Your Name and Your Number Even In Slumber. The Name Escapes Through The Gates and is Found in the Towns. You’ve heard it before and you’ll Hear it again with much Chagrin.

You can Feel IT ALL Around the Surround. You Can Touch It In Time. You Can See IT Within and Without any Doubt. You can Taste IT in Tune. You can Smell that IT Tells. You Can Hear That IT’s High. You can Sense that IT’s Low. What Do You Know?

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