The Riddle is You! Solve The Riddle!

Time to PSYCH YOU OUT! You Are The Chosen One! Start Beehaving like IT. Learn from the Bees and Ants How They are ALL Harmonious and work together as ONE! We ALL Make Up THE ONE! Look at the Universe, Look at the Earth, The Planets, All The Natural Systems, They ALL work together! Time for Mental Evolution, It’s always the Time, It’s never not the time. Get in Total control of Your Mind and Ride Your Brain! That is IF, only you can solve You! Can You? Let US know in Eternity, that can be ALL The Time.

We Need To Push Positive and Ground Negative

Time for radical adjustments in your life which will produce radical results. You know that phrase, Cause and Effect? Yes, that’s the ONE that created everything you see in the visible world. Well, We are ALLĀ an Instrument from The Cause and You need to carry out the Effect willingly so You Become ONE with the Cause so you don’t deal yourself a Death blow. You hold the keys to Death and Life! Life seems an obvious choice, but I don’t know what kind of Psycho is reading this, ALL I know is that this applies to you. There is no debating to this. Go find Your Path in Peace and Enjoy Eternity with the rest of US or?