The Psychology of Philosophy

Philosophy is a beautiful subject. Just the word alone and its Greek meaning say’s it all (philos = beloved and sophia = wisdom), “the love of wisdom”. Philosophy touches on all the major topics from the elemental to the divine. We owe a lot to philosophy and all the wise in heart intellects that championed the cause through systematic rationale and reasoning wit.

The Psychology of Government

Government is a necessary entity required to provide order and regulation for the masses. Just like a referee in a sports game, the governments role should be the same. However, the problem with government is mankind in government. Mankind seeks control and power because of their primal instincts and individual aphrodisiacs. When you combine the two you have an elemental psychosis to the nth degree. HELP YOURSELF WE ARE ONE! WAKE UP! RISE AND ASCEND! HELP US HELP YOU! IT’s One and We.