All PsychoTelepathics Unite!

The Time is Telepathic! The Time is Always Here and Now in Eternity! Nothing New Under The Sun. Just another translation of IT. Turn on Your Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland and Connect The Optic¬†Thalamus! You’ve heard of the Third Eye haven’t You? The Mind’s Eye? The Triangle/Eye symbol on the back of the U.S. One Dollar bill above the pyramid? Well you have ONE of those too and it is all messed up and dirty. Don’t blame anyone but yourself, claim your Godhood, God doesn’t complain, so neither should You O’Child of God. Imagine you being underwater with your eyes open without goggles or a mask, if any of you have dove¬†underwater you know that the vision is blurred because your eyes don’t have the correct lenses like fish. However, put the mask or goggles on and you see clearly. Same thing with that Third Eye that’s blind. Sounds like a band I have heard of. Seek the answers and you shall find, don’t give up and the answers will come. It’s part of the design if You are open Minded and ready. Let those who hear and understand apply the Universal Principles of the Sages of Ages and Ancient of Days.