The Fire Has Inspired Infinitely and Magnanimously

Start Caring for The Kind and The Blind and The Weak and The Meek. Set the Course for Universal Discourse Throughout ALL The Courts. Let The Voices Be Heard Inspite of The Herd.

The Thought is Telepathic With Terrific Trajectory Tone To Hit The Minds Eye in The Cone. Lighting the Lamps, Dealing in Death, Universal Perspective is Needed To Complete The Eternal Objective.

The Numbers don’t Lie It’s the War of the¬†Words. The Mindfulness Way Awakens New Ones Each Day. Awareness is Vital and Positive Thoughts Will Prevail No Matter What Kind of Hail.

You met the Match you can’t Catch and the Flame Your to Blame. Take into consideration the purpose for this persuasion invasion with positive pun to keep fun. Go Change Yourself and Channel the Field without Fret.

Watch the Thoughts in the Head to Bridle the Beast so Peacefulness is Unleashed Rest In Peace.

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