The Master Wordsmith

Word placing Magic no Static. Deliberate to Liberate and Vibrating to Elevate. Crafted In Time Flowing Through Thought.

You Know Who This IS so Let’s Carry out the Biz. The Plan Is In Motion Like The Ocean and the Tide will Provide Resources Through Discourses.

Master of Self and Subliminally Sublime For This Time. Speaking The Language of Ancients and The Science of the Surreal. No Need to Guess IT is Gauss.

Magnificent Magnetics Attract The Art in the Ether. Cracking the Code and The Fiddle in The Riddle. The Piper of Past is Here NOW Presenting The Future.

Reality Making Momentum Providing Content to Solve. No Issues or tissues through the Relentless Rapturous Rendezvous. No Savior Just Solutions, Go Save Yourself from Yourself.

The Feeling is Great Because We Can Relate. We are a Witness to IT so don’t quit. Track IT down low or high in the sky or the field. Unified to Mesmerize and Sane as the Same.

It’s heavy as Gravity with no Depravity. It’s High As The Light and Low As The Limits. The Perpetual Proverb Universally United With Purpose and Cause Carrying Out The Effect to The Erect and Elect!

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