The Time Is Sublime And The Rhyme Is On Time

Washing The Brains of The Insane and Captivating The Mundane. Mesmerizing Abilities Through Speech and Tranquility. Reaching The Classes and Masses to Broadcast The Ventriloquy of Nobility. Words and Actions Come Through Thoughtful Transition Transmutating The Mind Manipulation. ALL is Good in The Godhood Presenting The Purpose. Through Focus and Direction Achieving Perfection. The Mind has Conceived So All Can Believe. Creating a Genre Through Projection Election. Evil and Good Reconciling Misconception. Setting The Course of Discourse Without Any Remorse. Stating The Facts As Their Known in The Zone. Willing and Able Debunking The Fables. ALL Will Unite The States That Relate. Mindfulness Awareness Shunning The Careless.

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