They Call IT Psycho Babble – Get Psyched Out In Here By IT

We Have To Warn You, By Reading This Letter To You (You Means You Anywhere In The Universe) Personally You Formally Agree To Choose The Following Options:

1) Science Non-Fiction

2) Fiction

3) Non-Fiction

4) None of the Above

We Are Promoters Of Wisdom, We Follow The Golden Rule, We Practice Freedom Of Speech (Let’s Give A Shout Out To All The United States Family Who Continue To Serve Your Country and The One’s Who Have Fallen, You Are With Us Now, Now It’s Our Turn To Help You On The Inside of The Asylum) We Are Practicing Masters Of Self For Perpetuity Infinitum (We Are Still Healing Ourselves), You Master Your Own Self, If You Would Like We Can Teach You, We Do Not Force Anyone To Participate, We All Are Open And Willing To Learn, We Are Patient, The Good News IS We Have Time, We Have ALL Eternity To Figure This Out. However, We Also Live In The World and We ALL Do Business and Have Families So There Is No Need To Panic. There Is Only Life And Death Says The Alchemists!

Disclaimer: The Use of I, You, Me, Us, Mine, They, Them, Their, My, He, She, Who, Myself, Yourself, and We In Any Sentence Is Collectively Referred To All Inhabitants On Earth That Actually Believe and Are Worthy Of Beeing “1” and  also “Brings The Good Old E Pluribus Unum Right Into The Proper Light” Which Means “E Pluribus Unum” was the motto proposed for the first Great Seal of the United States by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson in 1776. A latin phrase meaning “One from many,” the phrase offered a strong statement of the American determination to form a single nation from a collection of states.
References: The E Pluribus Unum Project – Assumption College

There is Nothing Like Finishing Up On Incomplete Projects and Following Through To Completion. We Do IT That Way Too Here In The Wisdom Kingdom! We Could Be Mistaken As Crazy

We Chose Number One “#1” Because That’s Just In Our Nature! Solve01 We Leave The “#0” or Zero Out Because It’s a Mystery and We Just Like IT That Way! One other Thing, We Write and Say What We Like In The Purest Form Because We Love You And You Are Our Family From The DNA To Eternity Where You Are Right Now! We Cracked the Code On Writing Styles and Every Other Form of Code Too. Look How We Use Our Capital Letters and Improper Word Structure And Placement, You Like That, We Do IT That Way, The Way We Want!?! We Learned That In The Down Home School Of Wisdom Within The Universe! We Also Learned How Not To Be Manipulated By Using Our Mind, Go Figure. Some Will Say Why Did You Do This, And We Will Say “THIS IS HOW WE DO IT IN THE UNIVERSE LAST TIME I CHECKED HERE ON PLANET EARTH!” It’s Also Up To Code Delivered With Love And Passing No Blame Just Accepting The Responsibility Like Good Stewards Should. We Are #1 And We Do IT IN That United State of Mind Way Like The Highway To The Milky Way! For Us Simpletons, It’s Just Called “The Way.” Nothing Fancy Like, After All It Was Once Said That Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit. We Bet They Were Witty Too.


For Those Who Really, Really Want To Know About What Chemical “Not The Good Kind Of VooDoo” Is Being Played On You, Move over Twilight Zone and Get Ready for Some of That Good Old Reality Shaking, Dimension Shattering, Veil Lifting, LIVE and Only One In The Universe, The Godly-Zone – “Where Science Is Godly.” Thank’s to My Great Friend and Brother From Another Mother, Let’s Hear IT For Mr. Glen Caulkins! ALL The Ancestry Of The Human Race Starting Back ALL The Way To (Zer0), And You Guessed IT, Number “1” Again. Has Our Backs On This One, IF Adam Really Was His Name! Caution: Beware of “01” or”10″ IT Has That Mystery Number “0” In IT, IT CAN’T BE REAL, BECAUSE ZERO CAN’T BE ZERO Because It’s A MYSTERY. Well IF ZERO Can Bee A Mystery Number, Why Can’t GOD BEE A MYSTERY WORD MEANING CREATOR OF ALL THINGS! Holy Cow, And Bat Man, Why Didn’t Anyone Else Think Of That? We ALL Did Just Now Didn’t We ALL? It’s ALL About The Cool School In The Universe That Had The Children! We Know Our Children Haven’t Been Told Any Lies, We Actually Tell Them The Truth! Interesting Enough They Actually Know There Is No Such Thing As Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny. Have You Told Your Children About About How We Are Being Chemically Altered in A Negative Way? We Can’t Wait Until Word of this Spreads As Fast As You Can Say “Pineal Gland.”

No Need To Bee Shy! Oh, We Have To Save The Bee’s Too! So IF You Catch Us Using The Word “BEE” in replace of “Be” It is Planned With Purpose To Subliminally Plant The Word BEE in Your Mind so You Remember to Eat Your Raw Wild Honey Daily From Your Local Bee Keepers and You Should Also Get Some Hives. For THE HARD CORE SUPERNATURAL GODLY BEINGS LIKE US. We Everything In The Hive. The Bee Pollen, The Bee Propolis, The Royal Jelly, The Bees Wax and We Are Just Buzzing Like Bees In Total Harmonic Vibrational Frequency, Who Said Telepathy Was Fake? I Guess It Just Doesn’t Work When The Minds Eye Optic Connection Is Contaminated. Everything On The Whole Planet Is Out Of Balance Because Someone Didn’t Do Their Chemistry Correct. These Chemically Imbalanced Controllers Aren’t Controlling They Are Being Controlled! ITs Up To Us To FIX The Problems!

You Tell Me, Do You Want To Live Forever? Of Course You Do, It’s Programmed Into Your DNA and Spirit Hard Wired Right Into The Optic Thalamus Like A Fiber Optic Connection From God or Source or Just Ineffable to Suit Whatever Your GodLike Mind Can Comprehend! Just Like the Telecommunications Fiber Optic Solutions Company SolveForce Has Listed ALL Over Their Site! Telecommunications Runs Parallel With Telepathy! Wake Up Telepathics, The Alchemists Incarnate Have Arrived, Well So To Speak, We Have Been Here Since Eternity. None Of Us Have Ever Left, We Just Keep On Changing Forms and Such. Sound Interesting So Far! Well Hold Onto Your MindBody Connection! We’re Here To Solve The Communications Problem! Get Rid Of The Ill Communications and Keep IT Real Because We Create The Reality! Forget Everything You’ve Heard, Go By What You Feel Because Your Mind Is Tuning and Getting Rid Of ALL That Stuff That IS Polluting Your Connections. ALL You Need to do Is Keep Reading and Reach Out If Interested, We Are Here To Help! Wake Up People, We Are The People! Oh, By The Way, It’s Nice That We Entertain Each Other Through Our Eternal Gifts and Skills That Vibrate and Resonate Through Eternity! The Ones Who Hear Will Hear, The Ones That Watch Will Watch, The Ones That Say What Happened May Not Even Get A Chance To Say What Happened! Sound Fun Yet Family? Well I Can Tell You We Are Having A Great Time Watching The Episodes on Earth While You Are Probably Watching TV which is NOW Replacing Your Minds Eye (Something Has To Replace It Or Else It Could Possibly Get Worse), Maybe Even You Have Buried Your Head in The Sand Like an Ostrich, Maybe Even Some Of You Are Waiting For Death, But The Good News Is For You We Keep You Alive At The Hospital With Your Cozy P.J.’s And Just Give You Pills So You Can Stay Alive Even Longer! Sound Like Fun! We didn’t, Thank God Again for Glen. After He Educated US On The Retarded Chemistry That’s Being Practiced In Our Good Old Homeland That’s Destroying Beautiful Mother Nature, WELL WE SAID THAT’S OUR MOTHER AND SHE IS GETTING VERY SICK AND WE NEED TO HELP BECAUSE IT IS MAKING ALL OF HER CHILDREN SICK AS WELL. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T WANT TO COUNT THE ANIMALS THAT’S OK WE ALL READY DID BECAUSE IT’S THE GODLY THING TO DO. Brother Glen Has That All Documented All Over The Place So Every EYE THAT’S SUPPOSED TO SEE WILL SEE ONE DAY! SINCE WE ALL DID OUR DILIGENCE, DILIGENCE WILL RULE AND IS NOW IN COMMAND! Coming to a Theatre In You! PsychoPaths!!! We Guess It Takes One To Know One, Who Said That? ALL OF U.S.! The Human Race! There Is NO Such Thing As Races! What Fairy Tales Have You Been Reading! Remember Bad Company Corrupts Good Behavior! Supernatural Human Beings Are Filled By The Words Whether Spoken Or Even Through The Telecommunications System  Known As Telekinesis Which Is Happening ALL At Once ALL The Time! We Love You All And We Are The Force That Solves!

– We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made With Advanced Code O1 – The Original Order Of Things. We Accept No Copies and Clones and We Love ALL Existence Where Ever IT May BE! We Will Determine That Since After All We Are The Original Code. WE ARE “1” We Don’t Think “1” or “One” Even Mean The Same Thing Anymore At Least In Our Language! ALL THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND YOU WILL ENJOY WHAT’S NEXT ON THE GODLY-ZONE! Because Where Ever You Go You Can’t Hide From US Since We Are One, We Are Coming To Get You And Give You Clean Code For The You in We.

The Time Is Sublime And The Rhyme Is On Time

Washing The Brains of The Insane and Captivating The Mundane. Mesmerizing Abilities Through Speech and Tranquility. Reaching The Classes and Masses to Broadcast The Ventriloquy of Nobility. Words and Actions Come Through Thoughtful Transition Transmutating The Mind Manipulation. ALL is Good in The Godhood Presenting The Purpose. Through Focus and Direction Achieving Perfection. The Mind has Conceived So All Can Believe. Creating a Genre Through Projection Election. Evil and Good Reconciling Misconception. Setting The Course of Discourse Without Any Remorse. Stating The Facts As Their Known in The Zone. Willing and Able Debunking The Fables. ALL Will Unite The States That Relate. Mindfulness Awareness Shunning The Careless.

The Perpetual Proverb Provokes The Positive Principles

It’s Plainly Positive Perception to Perpetuate Personalities Through Thoughts and Words. Writing and Speaking Words That Were Learned. Therapeutic Transmutations of Negative to Positive to Ignite and Recite The Eternal Light for The Night. No Matter Where It Starts or Begins It Always Wins. The Illusion of Choices Has Captured The Voices. Let Them Be Heard By Their Words No Matter How Seemingly Absurd. The Fluoride in Water Has Caused Abnormalities in Personalities. The Effects of The Negative Are Now Transmuted Electives for Positive Precision Making Good Decisions. Living in Time, Writing in Rhyme, Encapsulated in Eternity, Victorious in Victory!

The Fire Has Inspired Infinitely and Magnanimously

Start Caring for The Kind and The Blind and The Weak and The Meek. Set the Course for Universal Discourse Throughout ALL The Courts. Let The Voices Be Heard Inspite of The Herd.

The Thought is Telepathic With Terrific Trajectory Tone To Hit The Minds Eye in The Cone. Lighting the Lamps, Dealing in Death, Universal Perspective is Needed To Complete The Eternal Objective.

The Numbers don’t Lie It’s the War of the Words. The Mindfulness Way Awakens New Ones Each Day. Awareness is Vital and Positive Thoughts Will Prevail No Matter What Kind of Hail.

You met the Match you can’t Catch and the Flame Your to Blame. Take into consideration the purpose for this persuasion invasion with positive pun to keep fun. Go Change Yourself and Channel the Field without Fret.

Watch the Thoughts in the Head to Bridle the Beast so Peacefulness is Unleashed Rest In Peace.

The Master Wordsmith

Word placing Magic no Static. Deliberate to Liberate and Vibrating to Elevate. Crafted In Time Flowing Through Thought.

You Know Who This IS so Let’s Carry out the Biz. The Plan Is In Motion Like The Ocean and the Tide will Provide Resources Through Discourses.

Master of Self and Subliminally Sublime For This Time. Speaking The Language of Ancients and The Science of the Surreal. No Need to Guess IT is Gauss.

Magnificent Magnetics Attract The Art in the Ether. Cracking the Code and The Fiddle in The Riddle. The Piper of Past is Here NOW Presenting The Future.

Reality Making Momentum Providing Content to Solve. No Issues or tissues through the Relentless Rapturous Rendezvous. No Savior Just Solutions, Go Save Yourself from Yourself.

The Feeling is Great Because We Can Relate. We are a Witness to IT so don’t quit. Track IT down low or high in the sky or the field. Unified to Mesmerize and Sane as the Same.

It’s heavy as Gravity with no Depravity. It’s High As The Light and Low As The Limits. The Perpetual Proverb Universally United With Purpose and Cause Carrying Out The Effect to The Erect and Elect!

Psychotically Wise Rhymes

The Rhyme in Rhythm Is Always On Time And Never Late For a Date.

IT’s Here and There and Everywhere. Can You Comprehend and Ascend?

Do You Get The Riddle in the Rhyme? The Signs and The Times Unwind.

The Old is the New and The New is the Old So Be Bold. Be Courageous It’s Advantageous.

Create and Dictate to Relate The Dates. The Sages and The Pages Manifest The Manifestos.

Words Don’t Come Back Void Through The Void. They are Written and Spoken of You.

Recognize and Realize The Rhyme That’s Sublime. It’s the Art of The Part and Whole of The Who.

Matter is as Matter Does. The Invisible is Invincible.

The Pow in the Now Propels Proverbially and Prophetically Perpetually for Perpetuity.

IT’s for The Chosen and Few Is IT for YOU?

Common Sense Reigns For The Sane. Stop all the Madness and Usher in the Gladness.

No Good or Bad Just Positive and Negative. Words Don’t Do Justice, Just Limits Translation.

No Limits In Divine Rule of Law. Believe The Words and Believe in You says Who.

Miracles are Eternal and the moment Enigmatic. Perpetual Motion and Momentum Magnifies Magnetricity in the Cities.

Order and Rule is Cool Except for The Fool. Learn the Lessons in Question and Answers That Cure Cancers.

Built to Eternally Last in High Class to Educate The Mass Forever With Grace and Mercy to EverLast.

No Fear Exists and Persists in the Sum of ALL ONE. Magical Thoughts Telepathically Connect With Words and Vibrations in any Situation.

Passing on Knowledge and Promoting The Wisdom with Precision. The Words are Sent Out to The People with Purpose.

The Cosmic Circus is Calling so Stop ALL the Balling and Quit Stalling. It’s Real and Right and Left and Light. It’s Mysterious and Delirious and Down Right Serious.

IT Knows Your Name and Your Number Even In Slumber. The Name Escapes Through The Gates and is Found in the Towns. You’ve heard it before and you’ll Hear it again with much Chagrin.

You can Feel IT ALL Around the Surround. You Can Touch It In Time. You Can See IT Within and Without any Doubt. You can Taste IT in Tune. You can Smell that IT Tells. You Can Hear That IT’s High. You can Sense that IT’s Low. What Do You Know?

The Psycho Tarot Readings

Read Out Loud and Become The Master of You Until You Do!

  1. I Am Master Communicator
  2. I Am Master Creation
  3. I Am Master Motion
  4. I Am Master Power
  5. I Am Master Education
  6. I Am Master Relationship
  7. I Am Self Mastery
  8. I Am Master of The Law
  9. I Am Master Wisdom
  10. I Am Master Destiny
  11. I Am Master Personality
  12. I Am Master Redeemer
  13. I Am Master Transformation
  14. I Am Master Prophecy
  15. I Am Master Error
  16. I Am Master Perfection
  17. I Am Master Dreamer
  18. I Am Master Pattern
  19. I Am Master Light
  20. I Am Master Of Soul-Consciousness
  21. I Am Master Free Will
  22. I Am Master Recorder
  23. I Am Vision & Idea
  24. I Am Balance
  25. I Am Decision
  26. I Am Completion
  27. I Am Stress and Anger
  28. I Am Arrangement
  29. I Am Evaluation
  30. I Am Swift Passage
  31. I Am Together
  32. I Am Force & Pressure
  33. I Am Authority Of Energy
  34. I Am Authority of Psyche
  35. I Am Authority of Expression
  36. I Am Authority of Surprise
  37. I Am News
  38. I Am Agreement
  39. I Am Separation
  40. I Am Confusion
  41. I Am Stop & Delay
  42. I Am Come & Go
  43. I Am Doubt & Hesitance
  44. I Am Interference
  45. I Am Negative/Radiation
  46. I Am Anxiety
  47. I Am Authority Of Desire
  48. I Am Authority of Question
  49. I Am Authority of Argument
  50. I Am Authority of Ritual
  51. I Am Love & Forgiveness
  52. I Am Love
  53. I Am Fantasy
  54. I Am Luxury
  55. I Am Delusion
  56. I Am Easy
  57. I Am Sorrow
  58. I Am Empty
  59. I Am Appreciation & Happiness
  60. I Am Fulfillment
  61. I Am Authority of Imagination
  62. I Am Authority of Reason
  63. I Am Authority of Potency
  64. I Am Authority of Youth
  65. I Am Action & Confirmation
  66. I Am Magnetism
  67. I Am Work
  68. I Am Foundation
  69. I Am Fear & Worry
  70. I Am Success
  71. I Am Up & Down
  72. I Am Slow Process
  73. I Am Positive/Gravity
  74. I Am Abundance
  75. I Am Authority of Production
  76. I Am Authority of Manifestation
  77. I Am Authority of Motivation
  78. I Am Authority of Reproduction




Time For Psycho Good Words

Save The BEES!

The BeeAttitudes:

  • Bee Original
  • Bee You
  • Bee Wise
  • Bee Good
  • Bee Great
  • Bee Kind
  • Bee Loving
  • Bee Nice
  • Bee Excellent
  • Bee Awesome
  • Bee Intelligent
  • Bee Extravagant
  • Bee Magnificent
  • Bee Strong
  • Bee Monumental
  • Bee Smart
  • Bee Something
  • Bee Someone
  • Bee Hopeful
  • Bee Faithful
  • Bee Flexible
  • Bee Open
  • Bee Outstanding
  • Bee Cool
  • Bee United
  • Bee Compassionate
  • Bee Understanding
  • Bee Spectacular
  • Bee Victorious
  • Bee Harmonious
  • Bee Adventurous
  • Bee Synchronized
  • Bee Present
  • Just Bee



There Are No Accidents, Just Design

Debate IT if you like, it’s futile. It’s Best to Bee at Peace with the Mysterious You! You were created for a purpose, intended for Life, choose wisely. If the simple man can predict astronomical and other natural events with precision time, then there seems to be a pattern in more than ONE area. Seems like a design to me, and many others would agree. Either You’re with US, or You’re With US! We Are ALL ONE, Go Figure! Go govern yourself and get fit for the Mixed Mental Arts (MMA) of The Cosmos!

The Riddle is You! Solve The Riddle!

Time to PSYCH YOU OUT! You Are The Chosen One! Start Beehaving like IT. Learn from the Bees and Ants How They are ALL Harmonious and work together as ONE! We ALL Make Up THE ONE! Look at the Universe, Look at the Earth, The Planets, All The Natural Systems, They ALL work together! Time for Mental Evolution, It’s always the Time, It’s never not the time. Get in Total control of Your Mind and Ride Your Brain! That is IF, only you can solve You! Can You? Let US know in Eternity, that can be ALL The Time.

We Need To Push Positive and Ground Negative

Time for radical adjustments in your life which will produce radical results. You know that phrase, Cause and Effect? Yes, that’s the ONE that created everything you see in the visible world. Well, We are ALL an Instrument from The Cause and You need to carry out the Effect willingly so You Become ONE with the Cause so you don’t deal yourself a Death blow. You hold the keys to Death and Life! Life seems an obvious choice, but I don’t know what kind of Psycho is reading this, ALL I know is that this applies to you. There is no debating to this. Go find Your Path in Peace and Enjoy Eternity with the rest of US or?

No One Really Cares Unless It’s Positive

If you don’t have anything positive to say or do then change your perspective. There is an opposite to everything. Change your thoughts and Transmute the negative into Positive. This takes practice but IT is attainable to the Disciplined Ones who Live On Through Eternity in the Time Space Continuum in the Advanced Human Form! But guess what Genius, that means you have to Bee disciplined and treat your bodily instrument like IT’s God, because God would Love for You to be able to Become ONE with YOU! Salvation is attained only by YOU! You’ve heard IT said before, Seek The Kingdom, The Kingdom is at Hand, The Kingdom is inside of You! Crack Your Own Code and Program Yourself Positive! Look No Further Soul Brothers and Sisters! Come on and claim Your Crown! The Only Competition Is Yourself! Can You WIN? Of course you can you have already overcome and You Know IT! You are a WINNER! You WON! Wake UP! Go get healthy! You know what you shouldn’t be doing, so change and transmute all unhealthy habits into healthy ones! See you in Eternity, Oh that’s right, we’re already here!

We Are Here To Psych Out The Psycho In You!

Yes you have a Cure and there is an Antidote, and IT starts with Discipline! First start out by taking care of yourself. If it’s not from the Earth, then DO NOT Eat IT! To get more into detail that means NO Fast Food in the English language. Quit drinking alcohol, all types if you do that! We personally wouldn’t say anything to anyone that we wouldn’t do ourselves. We Are Many And We Are ONE! How You Like Us Now? You Love US! It boils down to simple chemistry, and if you don’t know the chemistry that’s in the food or liquid then get dealt Death by your own person. Time to get recycled then. We will keep it positive because that’s ALL there is to dwell on Reality Maker! Not to say Death isn’t Positive from the Godly perspective, because IT is. Two Choices come out of your decisions that either end up in Life or Death, the choice is Yours and Yours Alone! Take responsibility for your actions and all of our Ancestors too! There is ONE Race and that IS The Human Race! Let All Others Be Called Out!

Science NonFiction and The GodZone!

Time to have a little fun and stretch your imaginations people! Yes You Are One! Time to Bee the change too! Nothing but Positive Thoughts and Actions! It’s Time to break out of Your own Mind and use Your Positive Imagination to Help Create the World as Human Evolution has been programmed since Eternity! We never left folks time to wake up! First things first, time to get on the God Protocol since the whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth resides in you. Why don’t you just say hello to the Godperson inside of you that’s always been there and always will be. This has nothing to do with religion, these Words are Here to Psych You Out In The Ever Present Eternal NOW! Welcome to PsychWeb where our whole goal is to Psych Your Psycho-god into Godhood. Before we get into the How Protocol, We would like to welcome you to the New Heaven on Earth and IT starts with You!

The Psychology of Mind Control

Mind control is a topic that requires much depth because of the varying techniques used by various technologies and systems. The basic premise behind mind control is to get a target subject or subjects to accomplish a certain goal and or state of mind either temporarily or permanently by an individual, group or entity through systems and technology.

For example, the most common form of mind control is something that we deal with everyday, that mind control system is money. The mind control money system connects almost every other type of mind control system known to man.

The Psychology of Religion

Religion is a multifaceted complex belief system that is founded in the supernatural belief in gods or God. Depending on which god or God, religion in and of itself is harmless, and if integrated with a good moral code of conduct one can lead to fulfilling a wonderful life and blessing those around that individual. It is when mankind gets involved and tries or succeeds to manipulate the minds that are either too weak, naive or ignorant for a wicked agenda is when the religion goes bad.

The Psychology of Philosophy

Philosophy is a beautiful subject. Just the word alone and its Greek meaning say’s it all (philos = beloved and sophia = wisdom), “the love of wisdom”. Philosophy touches on all the major topics from the elemental to the divine. We owe a lot to philosophy and all the wise in heart intellects that championed the cause through systematic rationale and reasoning wit.

The Psychology of Government

Government is a necessary entity required to provide order and regulation for the masses. Just like a referee in a sports game, the governments role should be the same. However, the problem with government is mankind in government. Mankind seeks control and power because of their primal instincts and individual aphrodisiacs. When you combine the two you have an elemental psychosis to the nth degree. HELP YOURSELF WE ARE ONE! WAKE UP! RISE AND ASCEND! HELP US HELP YOU! IT’s One and We.

The Psychology of God

Just the comprehension of God takes one’s breath away. The only thing that makes logical sense when trying to comprehend the ineffable, is that God always was, is and will be the Omnipotent and Omnipresent All Supreme Being. When taken in the proper context the Holy Bible does the best at describing who God is and what God’s attributes are. Obviously man does his best at articulating and interpreting the message, but still lacks the depth. Our mere human intellect cannot grasp the awesomeness nor try to understand the Mind of God from God’s eternal perspective. So instead of trying to be God, appreciate God’s creation while learning from it and respecting it. This has always been taught throughout all the ages by all the sages that have ever walked planet earth.

The Psychology of Theology

Theology is a marvelous study where through reasoning there is an establishment for a basis of a God/Creator. This is no doubt the most profound subject ever to hit our consciousness or subconsciousness that will baffle us for as long as we experience a finite existence, or an infinite one for that matter. The problem is that as long as man is the interpreter there will always be a foggy notion no matter how one articulates the subject. Awe is probably the best position to take. How can finite man describe an infinite God?

The Psychology of War

War is a primitive state of mind solely based on an ignorant side or sides. Since that is the case, war has been declared by many groups, nations and individuals over times past and present. Many of the reasons, most of the time, not even being logical or rational. With that being said, our only means of abolishing war is through education, communication and understanding, not in any particular order. Not to say that would ever happen in this dimension, but anything is possible. God please give us the wisdom!

The Psychology of Sound

Sound can be beautiful depending on the tones and rhythms the sound waves carry. It is also a matter of taste to the individual listener. There are several studies that have taken place with sounds and the effect they have on the mind. Some tones claim to bring you in the altered states of alpha, theta and delta waves.

Music definitely has an effect on culture, we can obviously see that in today’s generation. God only knows what it does to the subconscious mind subliminally.

The military actually uses different types of sounds during PSYOPS.

On a positive note, sound can be relaxing, meditative and overall enjoyable.

The Psychology of the Psyche

The psyche is the mystery of all mysteries. The eternal animate essence of the immaterial. The true software inside the hardware as analogous to the spirit and the body. It is the program that is written by an invisible programmer. It’s the art that is created by the invisible artist, speaking in material terms. It is the force with course. It is the spirit transcendent. It is the mind in the matter, gray matter that is. It is the true you. Who are you?

The Psychology Of Human Beings

What is a human being really? We are mysteries for sure. We can only tell what a human is from the outside physically by actions and appearances in the material world. But what about the inside? The actual psyche of the human being. The invisible that animates the visible. That is something that will astonish us for eternity, and the part that really makes us human that never dies.

In the material world we all look different, talk different, feel different, see different, hear different, smell different, think different, act different and the list of differences go on and on. With all those differences we are really all alike in many ways, those differences are just varying perceptions with each a common trait. Human beings are an expression, an expression of creation, an expression of a Creator.

The Psychology of the Internet

The Internet is a phenomenal  resource without a doubt when used for researching and finding whatever subject comes to mind. It is like the universal living consciousness where everyone connects, shares and distributes information from every topic under the sun. It is also likened to the forbidden fruit where you get a dose of good and evil if you’re not careful.

Since information and applications are growing at an astounding rate in 360 degrees all at once, no one really knows in what direction it is going, except that all the dots are being connected so to speak. The macrocosm just became the microcosm and vice versa. So where will the Internet take us? God only knows, that is the mystery we all signed up for whether we like it or not.

The Psychology of Food

Now food is a necessity and because of that we start to hunger. Then for some of us who lack discipline at times after we satisfy our hunger we go above and beyond the necessity to an addiction and develop a severe or mild eating disorder. The addiction for food is all too common for most of us. For one thing, food is good and good for you in moderation.

Most of us in America have it way to good when it comes to food. In fact, we could probably feed all the starving people in the world several times over just from all the extra calories that are unnecessarily consumed by people throughout the world. So what’s the answer? Deal with it. Exercise more, pick up a book, get a hobby, spend more time with your family or friends if you have any, get a pet, etc. Also, eat better food.

The Psychology of Sleep

Sleep is one of those things now a days where people are just not getting enough of. It doesn’t take one with huge intellectual gatherings to know that sleep is a necessary component to our health and livelihood. Not to mention your body and mind will be the first to tell you so. The most probable causes of sleeplessness for the mainstream is stress, drugs (Yes, Coffee has a drug in it, Caffeine Remember?) and lack of rest due to all the former. So what’s the answer? Go figure it out for yourself. Do your research, get consultation and most of all ask yourself. Don’t lie to yourself either, tell the truth. We are our own best psychologists, no one knows you better than you!

The Power Of Thought

Thought is everything. Many philosophers have acknowledged it from times past and present. It has been said, I think therefore I am and to add with a little play on words, I am therefore I think. Guard your thoughts and project positive thoughts and you will reap positive thoughts. Our thoughts create who we are and who we will be. There is nothing but the here and now. Time is a temporary cloak of eternity always changing and evolving.

Modern Day Psychology

There is no new information, only discovered information, just to lay the ground work. In today’s realm of psychology the outward persons actions are studied and then a psychological profile is developed. It’s deeper than that, it is more within the mind or software of the person. Imagine trying to figure out a computer software problem by looking at the hardware components. That would not happen, that is why today’s methods are taking the wrong approach. At least mainstream that is. I am sure that there are some students who are on the fringe would agree.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a powerful subject and a major component of our behavior. This is where the most subtle things we take in either visually or audibly affects our whole conscious being. We should be very careful of the things we let in. It is sometimes difficult to do that in a world where information has exceeded expectations. It just takes some filtering and discipline.

The Study Of The Mind

It was said that the Greeks studied the soul and that’s where we got the name Psychology. Psyche meaning soul and logos meaning word. It is obvious to note that the Greek language had many variations of one word and its meaning so you may come across other meanings of the word Psyche and Logos when referencing the words in Greek.

As Online So Offline, So Offline So Online Says The Philosophizers

The Correspondence Principle Will Make You Principal If You Become The Words Of Thought Spoken Into Existence. Believe IT And IT Will Be. Don’t And IT Won’t. No Theory Or Conspiracy And No Debating The Equating. The Words Became Flesh And Dwells Amongst Us. The Path Is The Way And The Way Is The Path. The Evolution is The Revolution And The Resolution For Restoration. IT’S A Way Of Life Without The Strife. IT’S Life Or Death Choose One. Every Decision Will Lead To One Or The Other. We Are The Sum Of Our Thoughts and Words. Think And Speak Wisely And Mindful With Awareness Squared.

Eternal Words and Thoughts Psychically Linked

Whether Words Spoken or Written Eternally Glisten for Positive Purposes. To Pass on The Knowledge and Wisdom Through Rhythm and Rhyme Throughout Time. Inspirational Realization Is a Deal So Surreal. Directing The Discourse Dynamically and Sporadically. Reasons and Seasons are Needed and Seeded.  Circuitous in Circumference and Centered in Sanity Lacking Depravity. Filled with The Spirit and Far From Delirious. Practicing Perfection Selections and Writing the Citing’s. As Humanity Wanders in Wonderful Delusion The Wise Will Uphold The Lessons of Old. Handed Down by The Sages Through Many Pages. Filled With ALL Wit to Fulfill What’s Legit.

Magical Rhythm Precision Ignition Expedition

The Earth is Our Home and Our Dome. Take IT back, IT belongs to US, that means You too! We Have Been The Problem and We Have The Solutions! Lead or Get Lost! Death or Life Choose ONE!

Let’s Clean Up The Mess We Must Confess. We’re doing Our part to keep it together no matter what kind of weather. We will weather ALL storms while Calming the Divide and Picking Up The Stride.

The Future Is Now and Created Right Here on This Sphere Oh My Dear. The Light is Eternally Lit no matter who throws a fit. It ALL started with You in the Zoo.

Evolving and Elevating The Few to Release them from Their Mindless Curfew. Agricultural Anti-Chemists Disturbing Our Presence.

Psychopathic Turmoil Uprising the Menace. Research shows the Episodes and Reloads. Captivated Chemically producing Digital Drones like Clones That Talk On Their Phones.

Pain is Corrective so choose an Elective. The New World Order is Here with No Fear. Peace and Prosperity and Level Headed Humanity to Stop All The Sanity.

The Solutions are Simple to Solve to Revolve and Evolve!

A Psycho Says What?

Bringing out the Good Psycho In You! Let’s play a game of “Psycho Says” O.K.?

Ready, Let’s Go!

  • Psycho Says You Can Live Forever Starting Now
  • Psycho Says You Need To Save Yourself
  • Psycho Says Heaven Is Here and Now
  • Psycho Says You Never Left Eternity
  • Psycho Says You Poisoned Yourself
  • Psycho Says You Have Been Misled
  • Psycho Says Wake Up
  • Psycho Says We Must Bee Psychos