The term “human” derives from the Proto-Indo-European root dhghem- or dhghom-, meaning earth or ground.


1. Proto-Indo-European (PIE)

  • Root: dhghem- or dhghom-
  • Meaning: Earth, ground, soil

2. Latin

  • From: PIE dhghem-
  • Word: homo
  • Meaning: Human being, person

3. Old French (c. 9th to 14th century CE)

  • Term: humain
  • Meaning: Human, relating to humans
  • Composition: Derived from Latin homo

4. Middle English (c. 11th to 15th century CE)

  • Term: humain
  • Evolution: humain to human
  • Meaning: Human, relating to humans

5. Modern English (from 15th century CE to present)

  • Term: Human
  • Evolution: human
  • Meaning: Pertaining to or characteristic of people