The word “information” is derived from the Latin word “informatio,” which means “a conception” or “an idea.” It later evolved to refer to the act of informing or giving knowledge.


1. Latin

  • Word: informatio
  • Meaning: A conception, an idea
  • Derived from: informare (to inform, to shape)

2. Middle English (c. 14th to 17th century CE)

  • Term: informacion, informacioun
  • Meaning: Knowledge communicated, intelligence
  • Derived from: Latin informatio

3. Modern English (from 17th century CE to present)

  • Term: Information
  • Meaning:
  • Knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance.
  • Data that has been processed, organized, structured, or presented in a given context.


The term “information” originated from the Latin “informatio,” meaning “a conception” or “an idea,” and evolved to encompass both the act of informing and the knowledge communicated or received, as well as processed data presented in a given context.