The term “originate” comes from the Latin word “originatus,” which is the past participle of “originari,” meaning “to arise” or “to begin.”


1. Latin

  • Word: originari
  • Meaning: To arise, to begin

2. Middle English (c. 12th to 15th century CE)

  • Term: originaten
  • Meaning:
  • To have a beginning or start.
  • To come into existence or be produced.
  • Derived from: Latin originatus

3. Modern English (from 15th century CE to present)

  • Term: Originate
  • Meaning:
  • To come into existence or begin to develop.
  • To have a starting point in time or space.


The word “originate” is derived from the Latin word “originari,” which means “to arise” or “to begin.” Through its evolution from Latin into Middle English and eventually Modern English, it has retained its fundamental meaning of having a beginning or start and coming into existence or being produced.