The word “perceive” derives from the Latin word “percipere,” which combines “per” (through) and “capere” (to seize or grasp), conveying the idea of taking in or grasping something through the senses.


1. Latin

  • Root: percipere
  • Meaning: To seize or grasp through the senses

2. Middle English (c. 12th to 15th century CE)

  • Term: perceiven
  • Meaning:
  • To become aware of, especially through the senses.
  • To understand, comprehend, or apprehend mentally.
  • Derived from: Latin percipere

3. Modern English (from 15th century CE to present)

  • Term: Perceive
  • Meaning:
  • To become aware of or comprehend through the senses.
  • To apprehend mentally or understand.


The word “perceive” originates from the Latin word “percipere,” meaning to seize or grasp through the senses. It has evolved over time, retaining its fundamental meaning of becoming aware of something through the senses or mentally comprehending it.