The Psychology of the Psyche

The psyche is the mystery of all mysteries. The eternal animate essence of the immaterial. The true software inside the hardware as analogous to the spirit and the body. It is the program that is written by an invisible programmer. It’s the art that is created by the invisible artist, speaking in material terms. It is the force with course. It is the spirit transcendent. It is the mind in the matter, gray matter that is. It is the true you. Who are you?

The Psychology Of Human Beings

What is a human being really? We are mysteries for sure. We can only tell what a human is from the outside physically by actions and appearances in the material world. But what about the inside? The actual psyche of the human being. The invisible that animates the visible. That is something that will astonish us for eternity, and the part that really makes us human that never dies.

In the material world we all look different, talk different, feel different, see different, hear different, smell different, think different, act different and the list of differences go on and on. With all those differences we are really all alike in many ways, those differences are just varying perceptions with each a common trait. Human beings are an expression, an expression of creation, an expression of a Creator.