Eternal Words and Thoughts Psychically Linked

Whether Words Spoken or Written Eternally Glisten for Positive Purposes. To Pass on The Knowledge and Wisdom Through Rhythm and Rhyme Throughout Time. Inspirational Realization Is a Deal So Surreal. Directing The Discourse Dynamically and Sporadically. Reasons and Seasons are Needed and Seeded. ¬†Circuitous in Circumference and Centered in Sanity Lacking Depravity. Filled with The Spirit and Far From Delirious. Practicing Perfection Selections and Writing the Citing’s. As Humanity Wanders in Wonderful Delusion The Wise Will Uphold The Lessons of Old. Handed Down by The Sages Through Many Pages. Filled With ALL Wit to Fulfill What’s Legit.

The Psychology of Philosophy

Philosophy is a beautiful subject. Just the word alone and its Greek meaning say’s it all (philos = beloved and sophia = wisdom), “the love of wisdom”. Philosophy touches on all the major topics from the elemental to the divine. We owe a lot to philosophy and all the wise in heart intellects that championed the cause through systematic rationale and reasoning wit.

The Psychology of War

War is a primitive state of mind solely based on an ignorant side or sides. Since that is the case, war has been declared by many groups, nations and individuals over times past and present. Many of the reasons, most of the time, not even being logical or rational. With that being said, our only means of abolishing war is through education, communication and understanding, not in any particular order. Not to say that would ever happen in this dimension, but anything is possible. God please give us the wisdom!