“The Science of Getting Rich,” written by Wallace D. Wattles and first published in 1910, is a pioneering work in the field of personal development and wealth creation. Wattles presents a concise, practical philosophy based on the belief that the desire for wealth is not only natural but also potentially life-enhancing.

Key Concepts:

Thought as the Basis of Wealth:

  • Wattles asserts that thoughts are powerful and form the foundation of the process to acquire wealth. He emphasizes the importance of having a strong, positive mental attitude and vision.

Importance of Gratitude:

  • Gratitude plays a central role in Wattles’ philosophy. He believes that being grateful for one’s current wealth, however small, sets the stage for receiving more.

Acting in a Certain Way:

  • The book stresses the need for taking action that is purposeful and in harmony with one’s desire to become rich. Wattles suggests that merely thinking about wealth is not enough; one must also take consistent, focused actions towards their financial goals.

The Role of Creativity and Efficiency:

  • Creativity and efficient use of resources are highlighted as key elements in the wealth creation process. Wattles advises against competitive methods and encourages the creation of value through innovative and efficient ways.

The Abundance Mindset:

  • Wattles promotes the idea of an abundant universe. He argues against the notion of scarcity, asserting that there is enough wealth for everyone who follows the science of getting rich.

The Science of Getting Rich:

  • According to Wattles, becoming rich follows a scientific formula. This ‘science’ involves a combination of focused thought, gratitude, and action, all aligned towards the goal of wealth creation.

Impact and Legacy:

Wattles’ work has had a lasting impact on the field of personal development and prosperity. His ideas about the power of thought and the importance of a positive mental attitude have influenced many later works in the self-help and financial success genres. “The Science of Getting Rich” remains a foundational text for those interested in understanding the mindset and behaviors associated with wealth creation.


“The Science of Getting Rich” is more than just a manual on wealth accumulation; it is a guide to improving one’s life through the power of thought, gratitude, and purposeful action. Wattles’ philosophy goes beyond financial wealth, encompassing the idea of enriching one’s life and the lives of others.

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